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Corporate Governance Practice, Net Income Growth and Net Profit Margin: Evidence from Selected Commercial Banks in an Emerging Economy in Sub Saharan Africa – Nigeria

Benson Aisagbonbuomwan Esan, Amalachukwu Chijindu Ananwude, John Nonso Okoye

Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, Page 1-15
DOI: 10.9734/ajarr/2020/v11i330263

This study presents a re-examination of how net income growth and net profit margin of selected commercial banks quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) are affected by corporate governance practice for the period 2005 to 2017. The Panel Ordinary Least Square (POLS) was employed to determine the relationship between corporate governance practice, net income growth and net profit margin of commercial banks, while the granger causality technique was followed in evaluating the effect of corporate governance variables on net income growth and net profit margin. After performing the analysis, we found that it is only age of the board as a corporate governance variable that significantly affect net profit margin of selected commercial banks. With respect to the banks’ specific fundamentals, it was the debt structure that significantly influenced net profit margin. We concluded hereby that corporate governance practice has little effect in predicting net income growth and net profit margin of commercial banks quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on the argument that it is only the board age that influenced net profit margin significantly. We are of the opinion and still maintain that appointment into the board should be on the bases of age and experience not on friendship or relation. A young vibrant mind with skills and required experience can bring a lot of innovative ideas that is capable of even skyrocketing profitability to the amazement of shareholders. This is not to say that elderliness is an incapacitating factor in that regard.

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Consumer Characteristics and Preferences of Rice Attributes Based on the Income Levels in Palembang

. Yunita, . Lifianthi, Muhammad Arbi

Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, Page 16-25
DOI: 10.9734/ajarr/2020/v11i330264

The study was conducted on 150 respondents living in Palembang city that were randomly selected based on the assumptions of community groups that have high income groups (50 respondents), medium income groups (50 respondents), and low income groups (50 respondents). The purpose of the study is to describe the characteristics of consumers and analyze consumer preferences for rice attributes based on the level of household income in Palembang city. This showed that the characteristics of households from the three level groups, both from the high, medium, and low income groups are very diverse which can influence the decision to choose and buy rice to be consumed. Rice attributes include the level of rice extinction, rice retention, taste of rice, aromatic, type of rice, volume of development, head rice, broken grains, grain groats, lime grains, and color. Household consumer preferences based on the importance level of rice attributes for the very important category most selected in the high and medium income groups are the quality before the rice becomes rice, while the low income group is a resilience factor in rice. Household consumer preferences based on the level of preference for the attribute of rice for the category of very like the most chosen in the high income group is the taste of rice, for the medium income group is rice cake and the low income group is rice and head rice.

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Management of Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies for Turkey

H. H. Sahin, B. Yelmen, C. Kurt

Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, Page 26-36
DOI: 10.9734/ajarr/2020/v11i330265

Utilization of alternative sources named as new and renewable energy sources; Due to technological development and difficulties in competing economically with traditional resources, it has not reached the desired level until today. Due to the rapid increase in energy consumption today; It is a fact proved by scientific findings that fossil fuels will be consumed in the near future. Therefore, in the development of countries; Providing timely, reliable, clean and uninterrupted energy, creating a market environment, in other words, successful implementation of energy management have become imperative. Energy has become one of the most important problems of the world countries today. As is known, the lifetimes of energy sources such as coal and oil are limited. In addition, due to the use of fossil fuels; It is a fact that global warming is increasing day by day. In the light of the data obtained, for our energy needs; alternative solutions should be found, renewable energy sources should be evaluated. The importance of renewable energy sources has increased as the problems related to environmental pollution increase, and projects related to them have started to get support. These energy sources can basically be classified as hydroelectric energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, modern biomass energy and hydrogen energy. Economic and efficient operation of new and renewable energy sources should be transformed into a common understanding in order to provide clean energy. In this study, energy production methods from green energy sources, environmental relations and new technologies used with these energy sources are explained. It has been compared among energy sources; In Turkey, energy management issues are discussed, new and renewable clean energy use efficiency and energy saving and new strategies are determined. In addition, recommendations were made on energy use efficiency and energy saving measures in various sectors.

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Prevalence of Geohelminths in Garden Soil in Emohua Local Government Area in Nigeria

Adedokun Ambali Amudatu, Gboeloh Lebari Barine, Elele Kingsley

Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, Page 48-56
DOI: 10.9734/ajarr/2020/v11i330267

Introduction: Geohelminths are parasites which perform part of their life cycle in the soil, where eggs are embryonated and then larvae become viable, being in both stages able to infect their hosts, depending on the species and can affect humans.

Aim: This study was aimed to determine the prevalence of geohelminths in garden soil in Emohua Local Government Area, Rivers State in Nigeria.

Methods: Soil samples from the cultivated area of Rumuakunde and Isiodu district were selected for the study. 164 soil samples were examined for a period of April to May 2019. Geohelminth concentration technique was carried out using zinc sulphate floatation technique and under light microscopy. Data analysis was carried out using descriptive statistics and Chi square (X2) test.

Results: The overall prevalence rate of geohelminths found was 20(12.2%) out of 164 soil samples examined from the selected farm lands. Isiodu Farm F had the highest prevalence of 60% (12/20) followed by   Rumuakunde Farm B, C and E of prevalence 20% (4/20), 15% (3/20) and 5% (1/20) respectively. This distribution among the farm lands were found to be statistically significant (p - <0.05). Hookworm laevae 70% (14/20) and Strongyloides stercoralis 30% (6/20) were geohelminths identified. Other geohelminths were not implicated.

Conclusion: This result of this study has shown that, geohelminths are more prevalent in Isiodu farm lands. The risk of contracting infection is high in these farm locations despite its low prevalence. There is need for zero tolerance to soil contamination.

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Role of Vitamin E in Prevention of Breast Cancer: An Epidemiological Review

Md. Sajjadul Haque Ripon, Mohammad Asadul Habib, Miraz Hossain, Nadim Ahmed, Tanbir Kibria, Shirajum Munira, Kamrul Hasan

Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, Page 37-47
DOI: 10.9734/ajarr/2020/v11i330266

Breast cancer rates are so high among women in more developed countries, rates are increasing in almost every region of the world. In 2018, it is reported that 627,000 women died from breast cancer. Vitamin E is a common supplement characterized by its antioxidant potential effects on many chronic conditions that prevent free radicals from harming DNA, protein and cell membranes may serve as a part of cancer growth by reducing oxidative DNA alteration. The major forms of vitamin E as an anticancer agent, which acts as major antioxidants to regulate peroxidation reactions and control free-radical production within the body, are tocopherols and tocotrienols. Since Vitamin E had first acted as a non-antioxidant, α-tocopherol has inhibited smooth muscle proliferation activity and protein kinase C activity. Although tocotrienols are mostly investigated as antioxidant effects of tocotrienol, which plays an important role in reducing the damage to DNA by decreasing the by-product of lipid peroxidation. This study aims to investigate the connection between vitamin E and also the risk of breast cancer and the outcome is that some inverse relationship between vitamin E and breast cancer exists. There has been clear evidence that vitamin E reduces the risk of human cancer but our main focus is on breast cancer, seen in many prospective and retrospective case-control, cohort and intervention studies.