Interference of Weeds in Sweet Potato Genotype Growth (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.)

J. T. Cavalcante, P. V. Ferreira, J. L. X. L. Cunha, L. L. M. Nobre, M. T. da Silva, D. S. Ferreira, A. B. Siva Júnior, R. A. Paes

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Design and Implementation of a Cattle Grazing Tracking and Anti-theft Alert GPS/GSM Collar, Leveraging on Improvement in Telecom and ICT Infrastructure

Anyasi Francis, Uzairue Stanley, Mkpuluma David, A. I. Idim, Ighalo Joshua

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Modeling of Groundwater Potential Using Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) and Multi-caterial Analysis at Omitogun Housing Estate, Akure, Southwestern Nigeria

Adebo A. Babatunde, Ilugbo Stephen Olubusola, Oladetan Folorunso Emmanuel

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The Economic and Ecological Effects of Deforestation on the Nigerian Environment

L. N. Sambe, C. O. Adeofun, G. Dachung

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Understanding Conflict Trends in Africa: A Peer into the Psychocultural Conflict Perspective

Otu Offiong Duke, Dickson David Agbaji

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