Common Neighbourhood and Common Neighbourhood Domination in Fuzzy Graphs

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Abdullah Q. AL- Mekhlafi
Mahiuob M. Q. Shubatah
Saqr H. AL- Emrany


In this paper the concepts of common neighbourhood and common neighbourhood domination in fuzzy graph G was introduced and investigated and denoted by Ncn and γcn. We obtained many results related to γcn(G) and Ncn. Finally we give the relationship of γcn(G) with some other parameters in fuzzy graphs.

Fuzzy graph common-neighbourhood, common-neighbourhood domination number, Injneigborhood.

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Mekhlafi, A. Q. A.-, Shubatah, M. M. Q., & Emrany, S. H. A.-. (2021). Common Neighbourhood and Common Neighbourhood Domination in Fuzzy Graphs. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 15(1), 1-9.
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