Towards Sustainable Development: Exploring the Knowledge of Environmental Impact Assessment among Undergraduates in a Nigerian University

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Queencallista N Sidney- Nnebue
Anita O. Garba
Gbenga E. Fadiora
Felicia C. Etim
Amanda N. Ezenagu
Chinomnso C. Nnebue


Background: Efficient project management suffices that decision makers are adequately informed on the impacts of their actions and inactions on the environment.

Objective: To explore the knowledge of environmental impact assessment (EIA) among undergraduates of the faculty of environmental sciences in a university in Nigeria.                                               

Materials and Methods: This was a cross sectional survey of 350 undergraduates selected via multistage sampling technique. Data were obtained using self- administered semi-structured questionnaires, and analysed using statistical package for social sciences software version 22. Statistical significance were done using Chi-square test at p value < 0.05.

Results: Two hundred and eighteen (62.3%) respondents reported awareness of EIA and cited their sources of information on EIA as 111(50.6%) schools, 109 (50%) textbooks, etc. Only (12.6%) out of 350 respondents had good level of knowledge on EIA. Fifty one (14.6%) out of 350 respondents reported ever participated in EIA process, while 34 (9.7%) were participating in EIA process currently. The level of knowledge of EIA process among respondents significantly vary with [gender, p=0.002) and marital status, p= 0.032)] respectively.

Conclusions: This study found apparently poor awareness of EIA, poor knowledge of EIA and poor participation in the EIA process. The level of knowledge on EIA vary significantly with gender and marital status. We recommend comprehensive but targeted, need- based environmental education to help create awareness, impart knowledge and equip these students with EIA strategies and skills to handle environmental challenges.

Environmental impact assessment, Nigeria, undergraduates, knowledge.

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Nnebue, Q. N. S.-, Garba, A. O., Fadiora, G. E., Etim, F. C., Ezenagu, A. N., & Nnebue, C. C. (2020). Towards Sustainable Development: Exploring the Knowledge of Environmental Impact Assessment among Undergraduates in a Nigerian University. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 14(2), 1-10.
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