Broiler Value Chain: Socioeconomic Plan for Commercial Broiler Farm in Jordan

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Zainab Alhammd


The broiler farm will be established in Bereen which is located in Zarqa Governorate and it is far away about 17 km from the capital Amman. Nearness of the farm to the city make  easy access to market for the purchase of day old chicks, farm inputs (feed, etc.) and selling of broilers.

The farm is distant from the community, has good infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water.

With a vision to be a unique model for poultry production. The Mission of this study is to satisfy customers with consistent quality poultry products and services. Profitability and growth will be achieved through efficient production, human animal treatment and employee development in a safe and supportive work environment. Through making a substantial contribution to the economic and social development of the region through employment, supply quality and safety broiler meat in the region, making profitable enterprise to earn a good income.

The controlled poultry farm is a project of livestock sector, the purpose of the controlled poultry farm is to provide all the facilities ranging from automatic operations of temperature control, feeding and nipple drinking system for the broiler birds, monitored by the concerned & technical staff. Broiler farming in a controlled environment is a profitable venture due to continuously increasing demand of the white meat in the market. Poultry is an important sub-sector of agriculture that has contributed enormously to food production by playing a vital role in the domestic economy. The initial cost of the project is including of initial working capital of 417,797 JD, revenue and NR with a mortality rate not more than 5% is 29038 JD, the innovation in this project is a biogas unit to reach sustainability goals.

Broilar value, socioeconomic plan, livestock, agriculture, Jordan

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Alhammd, Z. (2020). Broiler Value Chain: Socioeconomic Plan for Commercial Broiler Farm in Jordan. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 10(2), 36-42.
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