Scientometric Analysis of the Main Eucalyptus Diseases

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Wanderson Silva dos Santos
Maria Eduarda Sampaio Barboza
Paulo Henrique Pereira Costa Muniz
Juliana Oliveira Silva de Menezes
Gesiane Ribeiro Guimarães
Daniel Diego Costa Carvalho


Diseases are considered one of the main factors that limit the productivity of the Eucalyptus sp. Thus, the objective was to carry out a scientometric analysis of the articles, focusing on the eleven main pathogens that affect the eucalyptus culture. For the development of this study, specialized searches were carried out on the “Web of Science” database using the scientific names of pathogens and eucalyptus as key words. In the general search, a result of 123 articles published between 2000 and 2020 was obtained, with Mycosphaerella spp., Ceratocystis fimbriata, Botryosphaeria ribis and Cylindrocladium spp., The pathogens with the highest number of published works and also citations. Regarding the citations / article, Botryosphaeria ribis (average of 68.80 citations / article), Mycosphaerella spp. (average of 34.57 citations / article) and Cylindrocladium spp. (average of 27.12 citations / article). Regarding the journals, a total of 38 journals were responsible for the published works, with nine of them concentrating 60% of the total of published articles.

Silviculture, phytopathology, scientometrics, forest pathology

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Santos, W. S. dos, Barboza, M. E. S., Muniz, P. H. P. C., Menezes, J. O. S. de, Guimarães, G. R., & Carvalho, D. D. C. (2020). Scientometric Analysis of the Main Eucalyptus Diseases. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 9(3), 40-45.
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