Head CT Dose Examination for Adult Patient in Abuja and Keffi, Hospitals in Nigerian

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U. Rilwan
G. C. Onuchukwu
H. A. Abdullahi
I. Umar
L.K. Sabiu


This study has established local diagnostic reference levels (LDRLs). Dose report and scan parameters for the head was assessed during seven months at the three study centres. Data on CT Dose index (CTDIw) and dose length product (DLP) available and achieved on CT scanner control console was recorded for a minimum of 10 average-sized patients for each facility to establish a local Diagnostic reference level (LDRLs) and radiation dose optimization Data was collected using a purposive sampling technique, from 131 adult patients weighing 70±3kg) from Philip brilliance, Toshiba Alexion and General Electric (GE) CT scanners for this study. The collected data were analyzed using SPPSS version (20) statistical software. Third quartile values of the estimated LDRLs for CTDIw and DLP was determined as 49.8 mGy and 9639 mGy. The mean CTDIw obtained are lower to the reported data from the European Commission of 60mGy. The mean DLP are comparably lower than all the reported value from the European commission of 1050 mGy. Therefore, CT dose optimization is recommended.

Radiation dose, MSCT, VGA, CTDIv, CTDIw, DLP, LDRL

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Rilwan, U., Onuchukwu, G. C., Abdullahi, H. A., Umar, I., & Sabiu, L. (2020). Head CT Dose Examination for Adult Patient in Abuja and Keffi, Hospitals in Nigerian. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 9(1), 8-13. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajarr/2020/v9i130209
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