Membrane Integrity Test for Spermatozoa in Simmental Bull Liquid Semen Using the Addition of Gentamycin and Sweet Orange Essential Oil in the Extender

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Sukma Aditya Sitepu
Julia Marisa


Aims: This study aimed to determine the quality of Simmental Bull liquid semen through laboratory tests, including the percentage value of membrane integrity Spermatozoa with the addition of gentamycin and sweet orange essential oil to tris yolk extender.

Methodology: The material used in this research is Simmental Cattle bull fresh semen, tris yolk extender, gentamicin, and sweet orange essential oil. Tris yolk extender was prepared with Tris (hydroxymethyl aminomethane) (3.32 g), citric acid (1.86 g), fructose (1.37 g), glycerol (6 ml), egg yolk (20 ml), aquades (100 ml). The experimental design used in the study was a nonfactorial Complete Randomized Design with five treatments and five replicates. The treatment given is the addition of sweet orange essential oil 0%, 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75% and 1%. The parameter observed was the evaluation of membrane integrity before equilibration and after equilibration.

Results: The results showed that the percentage of membrane integrity in Simmental bull liquid semen continues to increase with the addition of sweet orange essential oils. The results showed that the addition of sweet orange essential oil as much as 0% produced a membrane integrity percentage after equilibration of 63%, adding 0.25% resulted in 68%, adding 0.5% yielded 70%, adding 0.75% yielded 75% and adding 1% resulted in 79%.

Conclusion: The best percentage of membrane integrity in Simmental bull liquid semen was the addition of gentamicin and sweet orange essential oil in the tris yolk extender at the level of 1%.

Essential oil, gentamicin, liquid semen, membrane integrity, sweet orange, simmental.

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Sitepu, S. A., & Marisa, J. (2020). Membrane Integrity Test for Spermatozoa in Simmental Bull Liquid Semen Using the Addition of Gentamycin and Sweet Orange Essential Oil in the Extender. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 8(4), 42-46.
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