Bayesian Analysis of Weibull-Lindley Distribution Using Different Loss Functions

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Innocent Boyle Eraikhuemen
Olateju Alao Bamigbala
Umar Alhaji Magaji
Bassa Shiwaye Yakura
Kabiru Ahmed Manju


In the present paper, a three-parameter Weibull-Lindley distribution is considered for Bayesian analysis. The estimation of a shape parameter of Weibull-Lindley distribution is obtained with the help of both the classical and Bayesian methods. Bayesian estimators are obtained by using Jeffrey’s prior, uniform prior and Gamma prior under square error loss function, quadratic loss function and Precautionary loss function. Estimation by the method of Maximum likelihood is also discussed. These methods are compared by using mean square error through simulation study with varying parameter values and sample sizes.

Weibull-Lindley distribution, Bayesian method, priors, loss functions, MLE, simulation, MSE.

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Eraikhuemen, I. B., Bamigbala, O. A., Magaji, U. A., Yakura, B. S., & Manju, K. A. (2020). Bayesian Analysis of Weibull-Lindley Distribution Using Different Loss Functions. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 8(4), 28-41.
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