Academic Stress among Tertiary Level Students: A Categorical Analysis of Academic Stress Scale in the Context of Bangladesh

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Sharon Campbell Phillips
Deb Proshad Halder
Wahiduzzaman Hasib


The main objective of the research is to make a comparative study among the five categories of stress a student of a tertiary level faces or is supposed to face based on the questionnaire designed by and make a categorical study for analysis of Academic Stress Scale among the students’ state of stress prevailing in that level of study in Bangladesh. A random sample of 44 students had been selected from different tertiary level institutions throughout the tertiary level institutions of Bangladesh to conduct the research. Among the 44 respondents, 23 were male whereas 21 were female respondents.  A quantitative method has been used in gathering the data by the use of Ordinal Scale (ASS) and mixed methods had been used in analyzing the data.  For the purpose of this study, questionnaires had been distributed to students who had been and were receiving tertiary education (the tertiary level student has been dignified as the students in the ranges from Honors First year to Honors Third year in Bangladesh). The responses were classified and stratified in order to measure frequency and then the findings were quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed to rate the level of stress the students feel in the tertiary level of Bangladesh.

Academic stress, tertiary level, ASS, categorical analysis, Bangladesh.

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Phillips, S. C., Halder, D. P., & Hasib, W. (2020). Academic Stress among Tertiary Level Students: A Categorical Analysis of Academic Stress Scale in the Context of Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 8(4), 1-16.
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