An Interactive Map for 3D-Password Security Authentication

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S. C. Asunbiaro
S. A. Oluwadare
A. O. Adekunle
N. J. Olawuyi
B. M. Ogundoju


The drawbacks of all the existing security techniques have led to a newer technique called 3D Password. The 3D Password authentication technique can accommodate those previous authentication techniques (Textual password, graphical password, biometric password and so on) which make it difficult for hackers to crack because of the inclusion of a 3D virtual environment and its virtual objects. Mapping techniques have evolved over the years with the aid of the computer system, satellite and Global Positioning System (GPS) each location on a map is geo-referenced. This paper proposed a combination of 3D Password security authentication with 3D Interactive Maps for better and more enhanced security, hence allowing the user to select the area he is much familiar with and making it more difficult for hackers to break. Also, a 3D interactive map is an existing technology and a virtual environment, service, commonly used by end-users all around the world. With this, it will make 3D password security authentication more secured and better user-friendly as against developing a specific virtual environment for a user to select a virtual object which he might be seeing for the very first time. This can lead to a user forgetting an object that was chosen in the first place when he is to login at another time interval which could be days, weeks, months or years.

3D Password, 3D interactive map, security, virtual environment, user-friendly.

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Asunbiaro, S. C., Oluwadare, S. A., Adekunle, A. O., Olawuyi, N. J., & Ogundoju, B. M. (2020). An Interactive Map for 3D-Password Security Authentication. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 8(2), 39-47.
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