Sensory Evaluation of Wheat Bran Biscuits Mixed with Flaxseed

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Arpana Tiwari
Sunita Mishra


Biscuit consumption is considered one of the top ten daily consumed foods [1]. The objective of this study was acceptability of biscuit containing three different combinations of powders of wheat bran, flaxseed and wheat viz., 25:75:0, 0:50:50, 20:80:0 were used to prepare 100gms flour mix. Acceptance was assessed using a hedonic scale of nine points. It was noticed that incorporation of flaxseed flour at 80% was unacceptable in biscuit. At this level of incorporation of flaxseed flour, the sensory properties of the product were affected i.e., flavour and taste wise, body and texture, colour and appearance and overall quality whereas 75% addition of flaxseed flour produced good results [2]. The antioxidant activity, phenolic concentration was linearly increased as the fortification was increased [1]. Data revealed that the overall acceptability of biscuit ranged from 9 to 7. This indicated that the recipes were found to fall under the category of ‘like extremely to like moderately’. It can finally be discerned from the sensory scores for biscuit prepared with 75% incorporation of flaxseed flour with 25% of wheat bran flour, that the biscuit was equally acceptable as that of control [2]. The acceptability of sensory characteristics was improved by this fortification immediately after preparation and during storage [3].

Biscuit, flaxseed, wheat bran, texture, sensory analysis.

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Tiwari, A., & Mishra, S. (2019). Sensory Evaluation of Wheat Bran Biscuits Mixed with Flaxseed. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 6(3), 1-5.
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