Gender Relation between Supervisor and Subordinate Using Statistical Tools

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G. Ornguga, Ianngi
Nelson Jonah
V. Iornem, Tersoo
Ogojah, Teryila


This research entitled “Gender Relation between supervisor and subordinate” (A Study of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Makurdi, Branch). It deals with the important aspects which a Supervisor performs on the Bank and also the Qualities of Gender Relations in the organization. The sample size of 110 was used. The questionnaire and oral interview was used for data collection. Data was presented in tables and a descriptive approach is adopted in analysis using chi square. The findings reviewed that; the bank should ensure access to workplace reporting mechanisms. From the hypothesis we concluded that there exist challenges confronting supervisor and subordinate in first Bank Makurdi branch and that there exist relationship between supervisor and subordinate on first Bank Makurdi branch which shows that female subordinates demonstrate more negative attitudes towards evaluation fairness and that male subordinate with a counterpart female supervisor put more trust in workplace than males with a male supervisor and females with a female supervisor.

First bank, gender, relation, supervisor, subordinate

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Ianngi, G. O., Jonah, N., Tersoo, V. I., & Teryila, O. (2019). Gender Relation between Supervisor and Subordinate Using Statistical Tools. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 3(2), 1-8.
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