Evaluation of Health, Safety & Environment Culture Perception by Construction Workers in Owerri Metropolis, Nigeria

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Faisal C. Emetumah


The relevance of the construction industry to Nigeria's economy is premised on its potential to bridge the wide gap in infrastructural deficit in Nigeria and also provide numerous jobs for the teeming young population. However, Health, Safety and Environmental anomalies can significantly militate against human and environmental wellbeing if they are not adequately managed. On that note, the study aims at evaluating  Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture perception by construction workers in Owerri metropolis, in order to understand how the individual facets (health, safety and environment), as well as HSE policy, is perceived by the construction workers. Relevant literature was reviewed on organizational culture, international perspective on HSE, European as well as Nigerian viewpoints on HSE. In order to achieve the study aim, a survey design was adopted for data collection through which 122 questionnaires were retrieved from construction workers randomly selected in the study area. Analysis of the study results shows that while most respondents understand what HSE means, they are unaware of government regulations on HSE policy. Furthermore, Pearson Chi-Square test statistic shows that awareness about government regulations on HSE does not have a significant association with an understanding of what HSE culture means (X2 > = 0.747, P = .387). In addition, the study posits that there is a weak correlation between missed work days and length of time working in the construction sector (Spearman's correlation coefficient (rho) = .019 and P = .83). The study recommends instituting a comprehensive HSE regulatory framework in Nigeria which will go a long way in enshrining a positive HSE culture in the study area.

Health, safety environment, culture, construction, HSE

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C. Emetumah, F. (2018). Evaluation of Health, Safety & Environment Culture Perception by Construction Workers in Owerri Metropolis, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports, 1(4), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajarr/2018/v1i413088
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